About Derek


As a professional copywriter and brand strategist for more than fifteen years, I’ve done it all. I've worked with Starbucks, Microsoft, Nike, T-Mobile, LifeLock and various banks, hospitals and high-tech companies throughout the United States.

I think of myself as a professional “dot-connector” who can turn a list of brand attributes into a brand  story that lives, breathes and sparks conversation.

I specialize in integrated marketing campaigns that blend digital media with traditional advertising, such as combining social media with print, broadcast and direct mail.

Above all, I believe in great storytelling. Whether it’s a two-minute video, a twenty-page annual report, or a five-word tagline, it has to connect to the heart and mind like hitting the sweet spot  on a baseball, mid-spring on Saturday afternoon.

It’s gotta feel like a home run.


  1. Conceptual and script work for radio, TV, banner ads, corporate, social and advocacy videos.

  1. Traditional advertising blended with digital and integrated campaigns—with an emphasis on humor and big ideas.

  1. Concepts and copy for direct mail, email, web sites, annual reports and non-profit fund raising.

  1. Branding, naming and messaging to create strong corporate identities.

  1. Both consumer and B2B experience. Industries include beverages, pharma, insurance, agriculture, retail, banking, healthcare, hospitality and leisure, high tech and telecom, as well as education and advocacy for children and colleges.

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